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Why work with Me?​

     Since I began my Spiritual Journey as a young teenager, I discovered  that I was Claircognizant, where I received a sudden knowing, that I knew as Truth and never doubted it. I also came to realize everything I learned, I needed to teach and throughout my life, I endeavored to do just that, in various creative ways with the helping hand of Archangel Jophiel always by my side.


     When you choose to work with me, you are showing you are committed to your spiritual journey and the fact that you are reading this now, affirms this. So firstly, thank yourself. We found each other.


    At this time on my journey, Reiki has guided me to spend time with my 95 year old Dad. We are living together, enjoying each other and making more memories, as we look after each other.

I am offering Distance Reiki sessions  and  am an affiliate teacher with GTA Reiki, (Grow, Transform, Align)  

providing classes, community and mentorship.


     With Reiki as my Lifestyle, I am continually expanding my knowledge of this vast universal energy. 

I have just graduated from a  7 month Reiki Coaching certification program, which will benefit not only clients, but other Reiki practitioners, holding space for you to unlock your own wisdom, power and inspiration. 

I will help you to shift your perspective from problem focusing to solution focusing, surrounded by the nurturing, compassionate wisdom of Reiki.


Many of my Clients become Students of the Reiki energy. Why?

I believe, as clients, their true beauty and power of self, is awakened, shifting and expanding their perceptions of reality. They blossom. Calm replaces anxiety, peace replaces fear and clarity eases Change, that is always forthcoming. 

Reiki leads the way.

Learning Reiki is something they desire and claim it for themselves because they are worth it. 

We are our own healers.


       In deepest respect for Reiki, universally guided life force energy, it is my honor to serve you, share with you 

and teach you how to be your own healer.

Connect to your Spirit through Reiki

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