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My Story

Having my first Reiki session in 2007, my journey guided me to be a student in the 

Usui Art of Energy Healing in July 2013 , completing my Master Teacher Degree in June 2014. 

During that time, my Mom transitioned into spirit on January 1st, 2014, guiding me ever since.

I took Animal Reiki in the summer of 2015. 

I was then led to discover Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki  in January 2016, 

completing my Advanced Reiki Training and Master Level in May 2016. 

Guided to Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki, I became certified February 2022.

Blessed with the opportunity to work at Revera Living, Long Term Care in Pickering, Ontario,

for 6 years, as their Comfort Care Coordinator/Reiki Practitioner,

giving the Seniors Love & Compassion in their elder years 

has enriched my Life and I am Grateful.


I also authored an article in the International News Magazine 

Fall 2019 edition entitled Reiki for Aging Seniors, 

and am an International Best Selling Author in 365 Days of Self Love, 

(co-author in a compilation book of daily exercises in 2021). 


I am an Affiliate Member/Teacher with GTA Reiki,

 teaching Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki,

celebrating and mentoring my Student's life transformations!


Leading workshops in Creating your own Life and a deep interest in Energy Medicine, 

has led me to incorporate all my learned wisdom with my Clients and Students.


Reiki has changed my life, 

always guiding me to what I need to learn next, so that I may share with others. 


I am a graduate from a 7 month Reiki Coaching Certification program

and now offering a complete package of Reiki sessions, classes & coaching

to those who are energetically drawn to me.

I co-created a Chakra Insight interactive course in 2023 and am currently

facilitating this with our students. 


It would be my honour to provide you with the nurturing energy of Reiki, 

to help you create a harmonious, centered and blissful state of Being.

Connect to your Spirit through Reiki.









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