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Connect to your Spirit through Reiki

Dis​tant Reiki

Reiki reduces stress, bringing deep relaxation to mind, body and spirit. In this simple, safe and natural method of healing, your body is restored to balance, from the fight or flight response we find ourselves in most of the time.

Reiki works on an energetic level, neither diminished nor limited by distance.

As my business name was divinely inspired, the words say it all. Relax Receive Rejuvenate

Preparationfor a Reiki session, distant or in person:

Relax ~ For your best healing experience, know what you want to work on in the session. Discuss your intention and meditate on receiving that. Trust the process and then Relax

Allow yourself this time in a place with no distractions. Lie down, with a blanket and listen to calming music. Have pen and paper by you. Set your alarm for 90 minutes, as you may doze off.

Receive ~ You may experience deep relaxation, warmth, peace, a feeling of being held and nurtured, a sense of comfort, visualize colours or images or see loved ones or may fall asleep. Whatever you experience, healing is taking place on some level and will continue to do so.

Rejuvenate~ After the session

Allow yourself time afterwards to integrate back and reflect on any experiences. Journal. Be mindful. The Universe will nudge you with guidance.

As you have released old, stuck energy, your healing process will begin. Whether that be physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

Physically~ you may experience headache, nausea, tiredness, flu-like symptoms. The toxins are finding their way out to shift your frequency.

Taking a bath with Epsom salts, can help draw out the toxins faster.

Drink lots of water to help the toxins flush faster. If you feel tired, rest and rejuvenate. When we sleep, our bodies heal.

Mentally~ Past thoughts might resurface, so you can feel them to heal them.

Emotionally~ Old emotions may become triggered and new emotions may be felt.

Spiritually~ You may receive guidance to do, read, choose something you have not done before, but deep down, it is something that will be for your highest good.

Reiki has a wisdom all its own and works with you, specifically for your highest good and can never do harm.

It is my honour to serve you.


Distant Reiki knows no time or space.

I will connect with you, the client, anywhere in the world.

It is beneficial for you, the Client, to be sitting or lying down, to promote relaxation. 

 Investment of  $90 for 90 minutes inclusive of connecting with client first,  session ~ Distant Reiki will be offered for 60 minutes and  afterwards connecting again, to discuss and check on client's state of blissful being, either right after or next day.

Connect to your Spirit through Reiki

Reiki Coaching

Coaching Services

Here is how I support my clients on all levels:

I use Coaching modalities designed to integrate Reiki energy with the wisdom of the Chakras.

Coaching techniques may include the Life Balance Wheel, S.M.A.R.T. Goals, Future Envisioning, Embodying Metaphors, 5D Chakra Upgrade, Soul Speak, and/or Chakra Up and Down.

These techniques are all guided by Reiki wisdom for the Client’s highest good.

Each session is 90 minutes, through Zoom and is recorded for the Client.

Initial 90-minute session

Nothing stays the same and we are humans in constant motion, 

so Reiki Coaching meets you where you’re at… Just for Today.

Intuitively guided to support and hold space for you, as you are led to self discovery. You are the holder of your Truth.

Introductory offer $111 (regular investment of $150).

Buy 3 sessions, receive 1 complimentary session.

After 3- 90 minute sessions purchased within 6 months, you will receive a complimentary 90-minute session (with expiry date), as my way of saying Thank You to Your commitment.

Package of 5 sessions

Sometimes we need continual support to find true healing, understand our limiting beliefs and set goals to work towards our desires.

This package consists of:

5 ~90-minute sessions over Zoom

*These sessions are to be taken over a 2-month period, once purchased, with dates reserved just for you. 

Introductory offer $555 (regular investment of $750) 

V.I.P. Package being created

Mikao Usui's Philosophy

"There is no limit to the quality & effectiveness of the Reiki energy available in the Universe 

and an important purpose for all students

 is to continually seek to improve the quality & effectiveness of the Reiki energy one is able to channel."

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